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Hai Khang always makes the best effort to meet customers’ requirements. To ensure the quality required by our customers, we have a series of construction teams with years of experienced management team and a team of skilled workers, specializing in the construction of structural construction, complete good and refrigeration.

Moreover, we have a long-term cooperation with subcontractors and leading suppliers, who have been guaranteed quality through many projects under the control, strict and professional management.

Our products are recommended and supplied in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), British Standards (BS), Control Board (LPCB) standards and other codes and room codes. Fire fighting according to the laws of the State and localities.

Quality is the key to Customer satisfaction, so we determine that quality assurance is a strategic goal in every company’s long-term development plan.

❒ Hai Khang’s commitment and policy:

    – Building a flexible, quality management system to meet the different requirements of each type of project.

    – Provide necessary resources to meet the requirements of the entire management system.

    – Provide optimal solutions for stakeholders in each project.

    – Ensure human resources fully equipped with knowledge and skills to meet quality requirements.

    – Equipment, modern technology to meet the construction requirements of the project.

Building a professional working environment in which continuous improvement of quality is the core cultural value.

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